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Chernarus Map Dayz Pdf Download [March-2022]




 . not all the details, there are plenty of other games in the world, but the level of detail is nice and high. And it's not a total re-map, just tweaks and adjusted to game.It's completely legal and all the information and data on this map is free to use or modify as you wish, no need for permissions from me, or other guys.It's not very well documented (and I haven't make enough time yet to do so) but you can easily download this file from the following link: (You must be logged into this site to download it, no direct download. . . . if you are not logged in, it just says "Can not open this location") you want to download this map, just click "download as PDF" at the bottom of the page.Use it, and enjoy! Hope you like it (just trust me, it's a map worth your attention). Cheers!​PS: I'm happy to get some likes, if anyone has some suggestions (map bugs, things you think I should fix, etc), please feel free to comment.PSS: I can assure you that this map is not just a map for CS:S, it's a map of the world, it's an entire map!(CS:S just happens to be an awesome game with a lot of modding possibilities, and a HUGE community)Credits: CS:S map creator authors: Dota2Remap authors: EvenDead, Lemons, TapsaeD, HacirT, MP_- (the nice guy of the CS:S team that made many modifications for me), WinSkater, Blizzardlau (the moderator of the main server), Gavant (the guy that gave me the server url), and of course everybody that has helped me or requested me to re-make this map.More about the original map:




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Chernarus Map Dayz Pdf Download [March-2022]

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