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Coming Soon

The Center will be developing a Mountaintop Retreat and Discovery Center

To Inspire Kids & Adults

Enjoy - God's splendor among nature

Learn - Connect with nature

Discover - The importance of play

We will be undertaking a major transformation.  We hope to acquire a beautiful piece of property in the foothills of the great Sierra Nevada mountains near Auburn, CA.

Our goal is to develop a mountaintop retreat that will be a sanctuary for children and adults where they can enjoy nature to revel in God's creation. We expect to also have a large discovery center that will house fascinating displays where people can learn. We will have exhibits of animals, toys, dolls, fossils and minerals.

We will have a full service camp where we can host kids from all across the country for a week at a time.  We will also be open to the general public on the weekends. 


Mountaintop Retreat and Discovery Center (MRDC) will create and run a Discovery Camp and Nature Center that will be both a learning center for youth during the week and a place for the general public to enjoy on weekends.  The retreat will be an educational and spiritual experience for people of all ages, allowing them to see and revel in God’s beauty of nature, surrounded by trees, fresh air, wildlife, and a vast collection of exhibits that will not only teach, but inspire them.  MRDC will be a creative learning experience using extensive displays including, but not limited to, taxidermy mounts, skeletal specimens, fossils, rocks, minerals, antiques, toys, dolls, dollhouses, and aquatic life as teaching tools in classroom and lab settings.  MRDC will be a wonderful place for all to experience the tranquil and healing beauty of nature and also experience playful learning.

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